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During the peak festival season, our goal was to curate a series of cutting-edge digital experiences and activations that would provide consumers with an immersive and innovative experience centered around Vype's menthol collection. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from our target audience's primary interests such as gaming, AR, VR, photo filters, cinema, music, fashion, food, and socializing.

Our ultimate objective was to deliver an unparalleled experience that would captivate and inspire our audience, prompting them to share and generate a sense of FOMO, while also showcasing the real-world application of our product to create a lasting impact. Our goal was to establish an aspirational and exclusive atmosphere that would set us apart from the competition.

The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary, with a lineup of exceptional digital activations that left a lasting impression on our audience. One of the highlights was an experimental container that housed a range of immersive experiences, each tailored to one of our menthol flavors. Additionally, we created interactive giant Vype pods, also known as "Cool Capsules," which offered visitors a chance to explore the personality of each flavor through engaging journeys. To further engage our audience, we set up DJ playstations and interactive games that kept them engaged throughout the journey, both online and offline, helping us build a solid online following and community. All of these elements were supported by a cohesive social strategy and online campaign, which helped us create a significant impact both online and offline.

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