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We bought beauty lovers everywhere an award winning,

no boundaries, all inclusive, beauty playzone bursting with inspirational experiences where they could play, discover, snap and learn. From ground breaking beauty technology to self expressive cosmetics, from skincare to self care, from oversees to online, we bought the nation the best in health and beauty innovation that Superdrug loves.


What began as an idea scribbled and pitched to Superdrug, soon grew to become an extensive 3 month creative project where my creative director and I designed and oversaw everything from the overall theme, 

to conceptualising and graphic designing over 20 unique supplier stands, an incredible instaworthy entrance tunnel, masterclass area, DJ  booth, meet & greet area and photo ops galore with social posts to entice consumers inside.

My creative skills included:

- Consumer insight and strategy

- Conceptual ideation of 10 stands and venue

- Graphic design for all stands and venue

- Social media posts designs

- Art direction and project management

- Production and dressing of expo 

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