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A regular pie shop? Nah, we lied... Introducing

‘Porky Pies’ - A homemade pie shop with a secret turntable twist.


This isn’t any ordinary pie shop, this is a pie and

mash-up shop. Delicious pie and mash with authentic flavours and authentic sounds. Feast on your favourite fillings, mash up your mash with an array of fresh ingredients whilst soaking in our resident ‘pied piper’

DJ drawing in the crowds.

Don’t forget to download the app and send the DJ your favourite track to hear it be played in a crazy new mash-up.


I loved every minute of working on this concept.
From name, visual brand identity and tone of voice to conceptual and experiential ideas on how the service could work, I’d be porky pieing if I said
I didn’t enjoy it! 

Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 14_28_46.webp
Screenshot 2022-01-12 at 14_29_13.webp
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