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On a hot day in July I was torn between cooling down with a refreshing ice cream or an alcoholic beverage. So I thought to myself, why can't I have both...? Et voila!
'On The Rocks' was born - alcoholic infused ice cream served in a curious cone, as a cocktail float, or as a tub

of tipple. 


From what began as a moment of madness soon grew into many ideas including a 'Tipples On Tour' piaggio truck from which my ice cream will be served at events.

I was instantly inspired and jumped on the branding and visual identity of my newly formed brand straight away.

From brand creation and guidelines, to a fully responsive website and app with supporting social media graphics and marketing materials, my idea is currently coming to fruition through the help and involvement of strategists, investors and business advisors. 

For me, this project is not only about the end result and finished product, but the journey it has taken me on thus far. I love nothing more than seeing an idea become a visual reality and I love to do the same for other businesses big or small. So why not get in touch to discover how I can help you on your journey today.

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