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Aligning with the refreshing ATL campaign,
‘You’re Hotter When You’re Chill’, Lynx were launching an exciting new variant ‘Ice Chill’, focussing
on a unique antiperspirant that lowers your body temperature by a whole six degrees. Our task was to deliver innovative, playful and memorable brand experiences for 11–25 year olds. Our ideas aimed to inject humour and play, encouraging consumers to rejoice in being themselves whilst educating them on the exciting new USP’s of the antiperspirant and how to use it correctly.

Ideas for activations included a giant 'Lynx Cool box' with several fun-filled rooms based around the key USPs and product benefits before taking a leap of faith down our giant drop slide, whilst being blasted by refreshingly cool mist. Alongside this, we came up with several out of home PR stunts and guerrilla activity to cool the public down during the hot summer months.

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