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Spreading little pockets of Flora goodness from spring to summer across the UK, through aspirational brand events, pop ups, PR stunts, social media campaigns, digital and printed advertising and extensive shopper marketing plans, all heroing Floras natural ingredients and credentials.

From ‘Gloom to Bloom’ - uplifting activities that brightened up Blue Monday and beyond with a mood boosting array of breakfast ‘on the go’ vegan recipes using Flora Dairy Free to transforming family days out with ‘Light Lifts’ - unique and lighter ways to enjoy family time whilst enjoying lighter swaps of family favourites with Flora Light.


And finally culminating in Summer where we bring that unique festival feeling to people both inside and outside
the festival space with ‘Flora Fields Forever’

- varied recipes, summer bites and experiences that hero the natural ingredients of Flora Original and Buttery.

My creative skills included:

- Consumer insight and strategy

- Conceptual ideation

- Graphic design

- Art direction and project management

- Pitch presentation 

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