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Fanta Raspberry... it's scarily good. For the 6th year running, Fanta has staked its claim as THE Halloween drink. What better to celebrate this victory and the introduction of Fanta Raspberry than with Fanta's very own zombie escape room, 'Escape From Fantatraz' -

A hands on, brain teasing brand experience where consumers enjoying the annual Coca Cola conference could discover the fruity flavour of Fanta’s new variant, Raspberry Zero in a fun and interactive way.

Guests had their mugshot taken outside the cells
before stepping inside the zombie prison (complete
with live actors) to find all the clues they need to
escape in under 3 minutes, using an array of branded
tools and techniques.

My creative skills included:

- Complete concept and design of the stand

- Graphic design for stand and all clues/activities

- Elevation drawings and technical specs

- Art direction and project management

- Sourcing, production and dressing of stand elements

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