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Christmas and Coca Cola are a match made in heaven.
During the midst of a global pandemic, Coca Cola asked us to come up with the tricky task of creating concepts around how we could deliver Christmas on a grand scale whilst maintaining social distancing and switching to a digital campaign where needed.  

We completely transformed the classic Coca Cola truck, and converted it into a big stage hosting performances from local communities that had been cancelled throughout the lockdown. Guests could enjoy spectacular photo ops and create a real-life 'message in a bottle' where a video of themselves played inside a personalised Coca Cola bottle when the recipient scanned the QR code.

We also bought the Coca Cola truck to people's phones, delivering an interactive prize from one of the doors inside the truck each day.


Finally, our campaign consisted of our touring
'Sing-A-Long studios where you could perform and record your very own music video inside the sets of infamous Christmas music videos to win a chance to appear on the big screen at Trafalger Square during our finale, mass sing a long.

My creative skills included:

- Consumer insight and strategy

- Worked with our team of 3 to produce 4 routes

- Graphic design for all concepts

- Digital campaign designs and mockups

- Art direction and project management

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