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When Aspen Waite launched a brand-new radio station built on work-life balance, they needed a strategy, a brand, and platforms to make a splash. I created an extensive brand identity and guidelines alongside website, app, social media and video graphics to promote the new radio station. The look and feel of each of these assets encompassed a tone of voice and values from a wider company strategy.

Additional assets were produced to equip and empower staff to spread the word to clients and other external stakeholders. 

Aspen Waite Radio’s brand has played an influential part in its launch and recent move to DAB. The station is now live with a reach of up to three million listeners on DAB,
as well as those who tune in online and via the app.

My creative skills included:

- Brand creation and elevation

- Website and App design

- Social media graphics and campaigns

- Video graphics and frames

- Exhibition displays

- Art direction and project management

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Screenshot 2021-07-08 at 14_11_54.webp
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