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A fax machine hoarder, condiment collector and creator of unconventional fancy dress...I love to visually turn the world upside down, inside out and do one thing every day that scares me. I come with over 16 years of award-winning experience across corporate and agency environments, whilst catering for a diverse range of clients and projects across print, digital and out of home.

As an only child I quickly discovered you can’t crack Cluedo on your own and performing Cats the musical to your parents with just one house cat just doesn’t have the same wow factor as a cast full of siblings...So I got creative and I’ve never looked
back since.


I have the ambition to rip up and reinvent the rule book, the passion to constantly learn and evolve and the devotion to share those learnings and skills with others. I thrive on challenges and not only discovering the latest trends but creating them too.

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